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How do you come up with an eye-catching title?

Titles, headlines, subject lines … these are easily the most important things we craft, and they require time and study. I am a student of the “4-U” method for creating headlines: urgent, unique, ultra-specific, and useful. Sometimes it’s hard to capture all four, but when you do, it’s a thing of beauty.

For me, writing a great headline is like throwing darts—and I’m terrible at darts—eventually one will hit the bulls-eye. Sometimes I fill two pages with them (headlines, not darts). via Harriet Cummings

18 things to try….

1. Go somewhere you can think
2. Use the product
3. Say it straight, then say it great
4. Write down every word related to the product/brief
5. Write ‘So’ in the proposition (use exaggeration)
6. Become the target audience (or talk to them)
7. is there a visual in the product? (can it be communicated?)
8.What doesn’t the product do?
9. Be topical, shared experiences make connections
10. Draw a rectangle around your ideas
11. Work quickly (don’t stay in the first thought/same spot)
12. Look around you. Get out and about.
13. Find something amazing in the product (something that brings out the benefit)
14. Focus on the benefit. People don’t buy drill bits
15. Work past your first ideas. Go somewhere interesting.
16. Share your ideas
17. Don’t make what you think your bosses/clients/colleagues - make/present ideas you think are awesome.
18. Simple is always better ( Is it too complicated? Cut it loose man)